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Primary Schools Rugby 2023 • Huge success!

Over the past week, Camp Discovery hosted 3 Rugby 2023 camp events for Primary Schools that were as expected once again a huge success.

With over 4000 primary school boys in attendance and 450 matches played over the duration of the three camps , Camp Discovery were once again the #1 choice destination for school sport camps.

The superb training sessions were led by Swys de Bruyn and his team, who provided top-notch coaching to the young players and coaches.

The referee structures were also excellent, ensuring fair play throughout the matches.

The safety and well-being of the participants were also a top priority, with the best medical assistance available. Dedicated ambulances and a helicopter air ambulance were on standby, with Critical Care who handled any medical emergencies that arose.

Over 10,000 spectators came out to support the young athletes, who played on six world-class rugby fields.

Entertainment for the players was provided by South African singing artists EarlyB, Loutjie, and Eloff. In between matches, the kids had the opportunity to go on game drives and explore the 270 ha pristine game reserve. They could also cool down in the big pool and participate in a variety of activities organized by top-class facilitators.

Coaches were also treated to quiz and braai nights, with Mark Beling performing on the latter.

Schools from all over the country attended the camps, including LS Rapportreyer, LS Proteapark, Robert Carrathers School, and many others. The wide variety of schools in attendance shows how Camp Discovery is a hub for young rugby talent from all over the country.

Overall, the Rugby camps at Camp Discovery were a huge success, providing a platform for young rugby players to showcase their skills and receive top-notch training. The combination of world-class facilities, excellent coaching, and a focus on safety and well-being make Camp Discovery the perfect destination for school and sport camps.


See you all back here in 2024!


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