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Meyer's Parrot - Successful conservation!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

These birds were once abundant in the Dinokeng/Rust de Winter area. Farmers poisoned them to near extinction in the area because of damage to crops. We started a breeding and very successful reintroduction program at Camp Discovery a few years ago.

Numbers increased and sightings are now frequent in and around Camp Discovery and Dinokeng area.

Meyer's parrot identification.

This chunky mid-sized parrot has a brown back with green underparts. Note the yellow shoulder patches, which are conspicuous in flight and lacking in similar parrots.

The pale green rump is also obvious in flight.

Found in broadleaved woodland and lush savanna.

Usually in pairs or small flocks.

Calls are variable high-pitched squeals.

Rare sightings are now common sightings.

@ Camp Discovery any visitor will be guaranteed a sighting of Meyer's parrots around the resort, as the numbers have grown and there are a large number of breeding pairs in and around the area.

With a large group of avid Meyer's parrot fans currently monitoring numbers and sightings in the greater Dinokeng area, we can comfortably announce that the project is very successful with more sightings in the area in a larger range.

Autumn is the best time for sightings

When the Marlothii Aloes are in full flowering stage it attracts the parrots in great numbers, feeding on the sweet nectar flowers.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 20, 2022

Absolutely stunning birds! Well Done Camp Discovery!

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